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Books published by Fox Meadow Creations are available directly from us, if still in print. See list at right.


Q. Why can’t I order a Fox Meadow book on-line from, for example, Amazon or

A. With the big outfits and chains that sell books, the only thing that matters is the bottom line. Because it’s more expensive for them to deal with small publishers like Fox Meadow, they make it difficult for us, forcing us to go through costly distributors, or not stocking our books in their warehouses, resulting in lengthy wait times, often several weeks, when you order through them.


Q. Are titles published by Fox Meadow available as ebooks?

A. Not at present. We may convert some titles, those that are largely text, to ebook formats in the future. Most of our titles are illustrated, sometimes with complex page layouts incorporating text, photos, diagrams, and captions. Existing secure ebook formats and ebook reading devices do not support complex designs well. Also, we know that the reading experience is enhanced by good book design and typography. We want you to experience our books as we intended them to be.

Order these books direct from Fox Meadow:

  • When Giants Fall
  • Gilmour Tramway
  • Timber Empire
  • Browning Island
  • Algonquin Adventure

Send us an e-mail to order. We just need to know your name, mailing address, phone number, and the title(s) you want. No credit cards: we’ll enclose an invoice. Send a cheque when you receive the books. Shipping is $5.00/book (maximum $10/order).

NOTE: Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot sell or ship books outside of Canada. Sorry! If you are somewhere else in the world, we can refer you to a Canadian bookstore that can ship internationally.


For the books listed below, please contact the author, publisher, or store as indictated. Fox Meadow does not sell these titles directly, retail or wholesale. Books not listed on this page are out of print, but may be available through websites specializing in used books.

Curing Tuberculosis in Muskoka
Publisher’s website:

Of the Faithful Departed
Veranda, 24 Manitoba St., Bracebridge, Ontario [book description]

All Murdoch in Muskoka murder mysteries by Liam D. Dwyer, plus
The Free Grant Lands of Canada
Treasure Chest of Muskoka Memories
Muskoka Dockside Reader (Brad Hammond), email

Gravenhurst: Early Days, Early Ways [book description]
Gravenhurst Public Library, 705-687-3382

Muskoka’s Main Street
Huntsville: With Spirit and Resolve
A Good Town Grew Here: The Story of Bracebridge

Bracebridge Around 1930
Muskoka Books,

The Sink: The Last Days of Driving
The Conquest of Canada: A Novel of Discovery
Verus and the Grand Assembly of Believers
Breller Books,



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