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When Giants Fall: The Gilmour Quest for Algonquin Pine

© 1998, 2001 by Gary Long and Randy Whiteman
Published by Fox Meadow Creations

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Chapter 1: Timber Frontier
Chapter 2: Trent Pine
Chapter 3: Trenton Mill
Chapter 4: Ambitious David
Chapter 5: Impending Crisis
Chapter 6: Crucial Auction
Chapter 7: Algonquin Project
Chapter 8: Ingenious Tramway
Chapter 9: Marathon Drive
Chapter 10: Highland Mill
Chapter 11: Brave Exit
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Gilmour mills at Trenton (poster)
David Gilmour’s summer home at Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park
David Gilmour (portrait)
Allan Gilmour of Shotts (portrait)
Gilmour Tramway at Dorset (upper jackladder)
Gilmour Tramway at Dorset (log slide)
Gilmour Tramway at Dorset (upper jackladder in operation)
Gilmour Tramway at Dorset (Lake of Bays powerhouse and jackladder)
Gilmour and Company timber booms, Wolfe’s Cove, Quebec
Gilmour family tree (chart)
Gilmour sawmill at Chelsea Falls, Gatineau River, Quebec
Mouth of Trent River before 1833 (drawing of ferry, square timber rafts)
View of Trenton showing Gilmour mills, covered bridge
Trent River at Trenton, showing Gilmour lumber piling grounds and schooner
Close-up view of Gilmour sawmill at Trenton
Gilmour Door Factory with Gilmour dam and bridge
Gilmour Door Factory (winter view)
Gilmour and Company Band
Giant pines in Algonquin Park
Gilmour depot at Tea Lake, Algonquin Park, 1893
Ragged Falls log slide, Oxtongue River, built by Gilmour Company
Tea Lake Dam, Oxtongue River, built by Gilmour Company
Gilmour alligator (log-warping tug) on Tramway Pond
Gilmour log slide on Black River diversion
Canoe Lake sawmill built by David Gilmour at Mowat, Algonquin Park
Gilmour boarding houses at Mowat, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park
Gilmour and Company veneer and door factory ad, early 1900s
Gilmour steam locomotive near Trenton
Early view of Dundas Street, Trenton, showing Gilmour office building
Hamlet of Gilmour, Hastings County



SCENE OF THE ACTION: southern and central Ontario and Ottawa Valley showing locale of Gilmour operations in Gatineau and Trent River watersheds and Algonquin Park, and the route of the Gilmour log drive
QUINTE HINTERLAND: river systems draining to Bay of Quinte, with Gilmour timber limits
TRENTON WATERFRONT: historical map (1870s) showing Gilmour mill and wharves
NORTH TO ALGONQUIN: Algonquin timber limits, Oxtongue River, Gilmour Road
OVER THE HILLS: route of Gilmour drive over height of land between Lake of Bays and St. Nora Lake
GILMOUR TRAMWAY (large scale)
MOWAT: large scale map of Gilmour mills and rail sidings at Canoe Lake

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