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Browning Island rowboat

rowboat picture black and white


Browning Island book cover

Custom photo tinting

For some purposes, such as on a book cover, an original black-and-white photograph may provide greater impact if artfully tinted with colour. Such was the case with the picture shown here, which we used on the front cover of our book Browning Island, Lake Muskoka: Cottagers Remember the Good Old Days.

Before the advent of practical colour photography, colour tinting was a common practice, accomplished by physically painting on the picture. Now it can be done effectively on the computer using a “digital” paint brush.

Either way, the result is only as good as the artistic abilities of the tinter. This is a task for an artist, not a technician. For the Browning Island photo, Fox Meadow’s Lorrie Szekat scanned the original black-and-white image, then in Adobe Photoshop carefully applied a palette of subdued colours to create the effect of an old faded postcard.

On the computer, a black-and-white photograph can also be converted to a sepia tone, or indeed to any monochrome or duotone colour effect desired.

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