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When Giants Fall cover

There is an urban myth rampant among publishers and designers that a cover makes or breaks a book. The facts do not support the myth. The cover rarely has any impact on sales. That does not mean the book cover should not be attractively designed. We put a lot of time into the design of all aspects of the books we produce, from covers to page layout to typeface selection, to yield an aesthetically pleasing book.



ligature example

WHICH LOOKS BEST? The one on the right is called a “ligature.” The use of ligatures is one of many small details that distinguish professional typesetting. At Fox Meadow we always pay attention to these details (which is not something that even the big publishing houses can claim).



page layout thumbnail

PAGE LAYOUT: You can see a large version of this sample spread from a Fox Meadow book, with comments.

Do you need professional book production?

The short answer is “yes.” When you publish your own book, you’ll find it much easier to market if it is attractively designed, properly typeset, and expertly printed. People will enjoy reading it more, too. A professional appearance also enhances the credibility of your writing.

At Fox Meadow we ensure that all books we design and produce meet or exceed the standards adhered to by major publishing houses and preferred by booksellers — and book readers!

What we can do for you

We offer a complete range of book design and production services, including:

  • cover/dust jacket design
  • interior design
  • digital typesetting and page composition
  • scanning, digital image editing, and photo restoration
  • custom photo tinting (view sample)
  • colour separations
  • preparation of custom illustrations, maps, and graphs
  • index preparation
  • printing and binding (through our subcontractors)

We also have an in-house editor who can provide you with structural editing and copy editing if you need assistance in polishing your manuscript itself.

Quality custom design

Every Fox Meadow book is custom-designed so that the format, paper, cover, interior layout, and typography work in harmony with the subject matter to appeal to your intended readers. Our experience runs a wide gamut: novels, poetry collections, illustrated children&’s books, full-colour coffee-table books, and illustrated non-fiction where the layout must accommodate text, pictures, notes and sidebars in an attractive manner.

Cost-effective production

You want quality, but also affordability. We are experienced using high-end computer software such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop to maintain maximum in-house quality and productivity, and we take care to set the book up so that it can be printed in the most efficient fashion, saving you money. This is an advantage to having an experienced book producer: we know the tricks to achieving cost savings without sacrificing quality.

We have our books printed and bound by specialized book manufacturers that can offer the most efficient press for the particular job, the widest selection of economical floor stock (paper purchased in large quantities), and bindery departments tailored specifically for books. The result is the highest quality at very competitive prices.

The next step

If you’re contemplating publishing a book, we’ll be happy to discuss the project with you in detail and provide a no-obligation quotation on producing it for you. In the meantime, we invite you to browse our catalogue to see examples of our work. You might like to meet the Fox Meadow team, too.



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