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book spread

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The spread above is from the book Huntsville: With Spirit and Resolve, designed and produced by Fox Meadow. The need to accommodate numerous pictures of various sizes, and their associated captions and sidebars, inspired the use of wide outer margins, and a medium format (approx. 8 by 10 inches). The clean, uncluttered layout and generous white space make for attractive, easy-to-read pages — not as simple to achieve as it might appear, especially when it must be consistently done for 256 of them. Sometimes it is possible to relate the composition of a picture to the text layout — notice how in the large picture, the centre of the perspective aligns with the space between the main text and side column, unifying the page.

This book is perfect-bound (glued binding). Note that we have left sufficient space in the gutter (inside margins) that the text does not disappear into it. You’d be surprised how many book designers overlook that detail.

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