Neeeeed help please

Accepted Solution

A nice riddle, mathematical riddle.

Assuming a turtle winning means the declared winner is the weaker one actually won over the stronger one.  In this context, the turtle winner is the one who has a lesser number of favourable votes.

The given rules for the points are as follows:
1. Point for the first choice must be greater than or equal to that of the second choice.
2. All points must be positive whole numbers.

Let's suppose we have Henry against Tim.
Henry is favourite of the voters and is the leading candidate, according to popular polls.
Tim is an excellent manipulator, sly, and everybody knows this.

On polling day, the vote count came out as follows (in point counts)

Henry      Tim
2              1
2              1
2              1
2              1
2              1
2              1
10            1  (Henry's own vote)
1          100  (Tim's own vote)
17        107  TOTAL POINTS

So Tim the turtle was declared winner of the race, and since everything was according to rule, even a recount of the votes did not change the results.

Be aware, voting by districts (instead of popular votes) also exhibits a similar problem.