URGENT!!!! Which transformations could have occurred to map AABCto AA"B"C"?a rotation and a reflectiona translation and a dilationa reflection and a dilationa dilation and a rotation

Accepted Solution

Answer: a dilation and a rotationStep-by-step explanation: A reflection is a rigid transformation that maps every point of a figure in the plane to point of image of figure, across a line of reflection .A rotation of some degrees is a rigid transformation which rotate a figure about a fixed point known as the center of rotation.A translation is a rigid transformation of a figure that moves every point of the figure a fixed distance in a particular direction.A dilation is a transformation in which a figure is enlarged or reduced with respect to a point known as the center of dilation. From the given figure it can be seen that ΔABC is reduced to ΔA"B"C" so there must be dilation.Also, when there is rotation about point C to create ΔA"B"C".Therefore, the transformations could have occurred to map ΔABC to ΔA"B"C" are a dilation and a rotation.