54 Divided by What Equals 43?

Accepted Solution

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In mathematical problems similar to "54 divided by ‘what’ equals 43," ‘what’ is often replaced by a variable such as ‘x’. In this case, we're looking for a number x such that when we divide 54 by x, the result is 43.

To solve this, we set up the following equation:

\(\frac{54}{x} = 43\)

Our goal is to isolate x. First, we multiply both sides of the equation by x in order to get rid of the denominator on the left side. This gives us:

\(54 = 43 * x\)

Next, we isolate x on one side of the equation by dividing both sides by 43. This gives us:

\(\frac{54}{43} = x\)

In our final step, we simplify to find x. This example allows us to solve for x, rounding to three decimal places if needed, giving us:

\(x = 1.256\)

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