What is 58 Divided by 15/2?

Accepted Solution

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Are you puzzled about the arithmetic operation '58 divided by 15/2'? Allow us to guide you through it. Typically, there are a dividend (the number that will be divided) and a divisor (the number we're dividing by). In this case, the dividend is 58, and the divisor is a fraction (15/2).

A dive deeper will yield:

  • The whole number or dividend: 58
  • Numerator of the fraction/divisor: 15
  • Denominator of the fraction/divisor: 2

Let's learn how to compute it accurately, in both decimal and fraction forms.

58 divided by 15/2: Step-by-Step Computation:

First, arrange the arithmetic layout such:

58 Γ· 15/2

Step 1: Multiply 58 by 2 (the denominator of the fraction). This gives:

58 x 2 = 116

Step 2: 116 now becomes the numerator and 15 the denominator. Thus, in fraction form, the solution is:


To convert this to decimal form, divide the numerator 116 by the denominator 15. To 3 decimal places, we get:

116 Γ· 15 = 7.73

In decimal form, '58 divided by 15/2' yields 7.73, while in fraction form, it's 116/15.

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