What is 6/12 Divided by 28?

Accepted Solution

    <p>This is an exercise on division operation involving ratios and whole numbers. The problem at hand is: "What is 6/12 Divided by 28?", Let us solve this step by step.</p>

    <p><strong>Step 1:</strong> Identify components of the problem.
        Dividend (Fraction) = 6/12, Divisor (Whole Number) = 28.</p>

    <p><strong>Step 2:</strong> Multiply the divisor, 28, by the denominator of the dividend (12). This gives us 336 (12*28=336).</p>

    <p><strong>Step 3:</strong> The final step is to take our new denominator of 336 and divide it by the numerator of our original problem, 6. This results in 56 (336/6=56).</p>

    <p>This means that 6/12 divided by 28 equals 56. A good strategy for learning is by practice, and we encourage you to try and solve these similar problems:</p>

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